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My name is Angela Jones and I run Artisans-uk with my family, we are based in the heart of Norfolk. We offer a range of stylish gifts and accessories for the home. Where possible we use re-cycled packaging and ethically sourced products that don’t have a large carbon footprint.

My decision to create all things country inspired came from a love of my surrounding. I live on the edge of a small village and I wake up each morning to the sound of next doors cockerel! My garden is full of inspiration from the plants and vegetables I grow to the colourful views across the fields. I have always loved fiddling with bits of fabric to see what I can make and this has now progressed into actually making products on a more commercial basis. It never ceases to amaze me when someone buys a cushion with a hare on and I think that one came from the time I saw a couple of hares in my vegetable patch!

My husband and I are also restoring our 200 year old cottage. It requires a huge amount of time and patience but the rewards are immense. I hope to share our story with you through my blogs and Social Media Posts.

The site is updated regularly and by registering your details with us we can inform you by email of the latest products and special promotions we are offering.

We hope you like the ethos behind Artisans-uk and we would welcome your comments and feedback on our products. Also if you have any queries regarding any of the items listed please feel free to send us an email to angela@artisans-uk.com


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